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We are here to help you with any clothes alterations you may require. Whether the job is big or small we can offer our impeccable services so that you leave a happy and satisfied customer. We offer fast and efficient alterations at great prices, just come in to store or call us on 02380 733109 for personalised quotes.

Wedding Dress Alterations

Your wedding day; probably one of the most special and recorded times in your life. The wedding dress is often a focal point of the day and you want it to be perfect. We can help you make that happen. A wedding dress is made to fit and flatter a wide range of shapes and sizes, what our services offer is that personal touch. We can cinch in the waist, shorten the length and flatter your figure in a way which makes the dress look made just for you. For our full range of bridal wear services please click here.

Suit Alterations

Suit alterations are almost a pre-requiste of buying a suit on the high street. With a few tweaks we can make your suit fit right for you. You may need the sleeves shortened a touch, or have a jacket slimmed down. Perhaps you just want to refresh a pre-existing jacket with some new buttons, retire it from your work wardrobe and transform it into a blazer. We are happy to help. For any specific alteration requests please call 01489 557 733‎ or come along and speak to one of our friendly employees for a quote.

Shirt Alterations

Whether you require the sleeves of your shirt shortened, or simply replacing a button on your favourite shirt, we can do it all. We can transform your winter shirts into half sleeves for when you have to be working in a stuffy office or humid conditions. We can also individualise your shirts with our embroidery service, if you are looking to create some company shirts for a small team of employees. Please see our full range of embroidery services.

Trouser Alterations

Need those trousers shortened by a quarter of an inch? We can help with that! Have the hems fallen down on your favourite pair of work trousers? We are happy to help! Has the zipper broken on those new and expensive jeans? Not a problem! From replacing a button, to relining a pair of trousers, we can help you fix those niggling problems.

Dress Alterations

We can alter, adjust, transform and repair those special dresses waiting to be worn. Have you got a prom dress that needs shortening? Or has your favourite cocktail dress's zipper just given up? We have all been there! With our quick services you will not have to worry. We can work with a range of fabrics, you can trust your clothes are in safe hands. For those extra special dresses, see our full range of bridal wear services. If you would like to know our full range of clothes alterations services please call , we will be happy to answer any and all of your questions.


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